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By the numbers:
32. The current number of partner businesses.
112. The total number of volunteers assisting More is More.
240. The average number of hours volunteered weekly.
1502. The average pounds of food served weekly.
17525. The total number of meals served to our clients.
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posted by Alexander on 23 September 2013
Yesterday, we donated Einstein's bagels to clients at Austin Street Center. As we were passing bagels out and taking photographs, one woman approached us with a notebook. "Would you mind taking a picture of my artwork? I'd also love an email copy, if you can manage." Here's the piece we photographed. Her notebook was full of sketches, all as detailed as this one. We wondered how much art was missing from the world, hiding in shelters and notebooks...
posted by Nick on 14 September 2013
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." We've always been fans of Aesop here at More is More, but this message hits especially close to home. Our volunteer work fosters a deep realization beneath our passion for helping others-an understanding that societies can be judged by the treatment of their unfortunate. When it comes to altruism, there's no such thing as too little. We firmly believe that more truly is more.
posted by Alexander on 6 August 2013
what's in a name?
We launched More is More after talking with a homeless man (we refer to them as clients) at Dallas's Austin Street Center. He said that society now all too often focuses on a minimalist mentality. "Less is more" is the common phrase. From technology to cooking to architecture, society is universally shifting toward "less." Our client informed us, though, that when one is in his condition, more is more, anything is something, and everything is helpful. His wise words influenced us to launch the More is More nonprofit organization as a means to bring more to the people who need it most, and give them an opportunity to get back on their feet.
To accomplish this, More is More acts as a middleman between local businesses and homeless shelters. We provide peer-to-peer marketing opportunities and community service volunteers to local businesses in exchange for food that we transport directly to the homeless shelters. Currently, we deliver over one thousand meals weekly to shelters across Texas, and we're always looking for innovative ways to expand and help more people. But here at More is More, we think of community service as a movement that can only succeed when we all collaborate. So we have a way that you can help right from your computer and right now. Please make a donation to our movement and help disseminate our philosophy; together we can help those who need us most.
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