about more is more.
By giving fresh and delicious food, our partner businesses break the monotony of the usual canned-food meals served in shelters. The donation not only makes life a bit more enjoyable for these impoverished human beings - it gives a morale boost that may motivate them to rebuild their lives. With the motivation of a good meal, our homeless clients can focus more on job training and less on their shelters' provisions. More is More offers unique benefits for businesses, volunteers, and, of course, our clients. More importantly, though, it brings people of these groups together and merges them into a stronger community. We accomplish this mission through our four branches:
Division 1 - University Service: Did you know that colleges are some of the biggest sources of food waste in our community? After every meal, excess food is typically thrown away. This might not seem like a big deal but when you take into account that his happens seven days a week, three meals a day, and in multiple dining halls per meal, the waste adds up quickly. In fact, the waste can be thousands of meals per week. Here at More is More, we think of greater purposes for that food waste. The waste from one person can be a treasure to another. Through the university branch of our movement, we offer a service to collect, package, store, transport, and serve excess dining hall food at local homeless shelters. This service is free of charge and often saves the university the time and money required to dispose of so much food. Contact us for more information!
Division 2 - Decal System: Here at More is More, we're always thinking of new, innovative ways to help our communities. But we can't help them alone, we need your support. More people mean more help. That's why we've created our all new decal system. We're partnering with local businesses that will put a More is More logo decal on their window. Whenever you see that decal, you can mention More is More at the cash register to get a minimum of 5% off your meal. In addition, the business will donate a portion of food to charity, which we'll transport to the homeless. This is a unique opportunity for you to do good and do well at the same time!
Division 3 - Volunteering: We treat our partner businesses as true partners. In fact, we even offer limited volunteers to help their businesses. Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and all ages above 16. They return weekly to restaurants and can even come on special request. These volunteers learn the restaurant and its rules and earn community service hours for their work. Instead of paying these hard workers, our partner businesses are only asked to donate an amount of food proportional to the number of hours volunteered. For example, at Verts, an Austin wrap restaurant, the time required to make a wrap was reduced by 75% thanks to our volunteers. Help your business, and more importantly, help our community.
Division 4 - Marketing: The primary goal of More is More is to strengthen the relationship between local businesses and their communities. Our company achieves this goal by creating a program of mutual benefit for all parties we work with. We offer our business partners free advertising not only through the standard forms of social media - Facebook, Twitter, and other technology-based means of advertising - but also through our connections to high school and college students. Coupled with advertisements in school newspapers and student gatherings, More is More promotions will reach thousands of potential customers at no monetary cost to our partners. Additionally, our partners are only expected to give an amount of food proportional to the business they receive due to More is More peer-to-peer advertisements.